Hosting around – the best way to save money

So I’ve been working around on the web for quite a while now and one pet peeve that I have is looking for a cheap web host. My previous web host agreement with HostGator was coming to an end and I wanted to save a bit of money since the special introductory price was coming to an end.

Why not stay with HostGator you would ask ?

Actually I am still missing it as I find that it was a great web host after all the years I’ve been with them ( 3 years to be exact). Never had a problem, website was always up and running and I’ve never noticed any downtime even when they upgraded servers or ran updates. So I would definitely recommend them.

1. Moving wordpress blog

The main reason I switched to another provider was to try something new and see if I would be able to move my wordpress website to another host (more about that in my next post). Yes it was partly only for that silly reason.wordpress

2.Saving Money

The other reason, well to see if I could save a bit of money by hosting around and enjoying introductory rates. That last part was easier than moving my wordpress blog to another host. Actually the simple fact of hosting your website to another host and enjoying new introductory price is a great way to save money.

Introductory rate are usually available for new customers in a way to attract them to their hosting services hoping that these customers would find it too much of a hassle to move around at the end of the introductory special. In a way, moving around is painful. If you’re not techsavvy, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless as some providers claim they can transfer your web content for free or for a minimum fee. Otherwise it can be quite stressfull as more than often you’ll think you’ve lost all your content. Panic.

In order to maximise money savings, I would recommend signing up for the longest term possible available as it will extend the introductory rate for the longest time possible. With HostGator, I had the hatchling plan and I signed up for 3 years. It was good. But then renewal time comes and Voila, new host new challenge! But I’ll put more about this in my next post. Till then happy hosting!



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