Moving wordpress to your new host. (part 1)

So after picking a new web host with a special introductory rate now comes the time to actually move my data from one web host to another. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Actually should have been easy as 1,2,3 but it wasn’t. If something had to go wrong, then it did.

I first thought that it was as simple as login into my cPanel looking for my ftp manager and copy all files from my previous host onto the my new web host. Well it kind of is just that simple. Partly.  The reason is that WordPress is more like an actual database in itself and the database is not readily available to copy this way.

The easy part

Copying your WordPress folder and sending them/ ftp them to your new web host.

ftp filezilla

When trouble begins…

The harder part is moving your actual WordPress database to your new host.

Well actually if all went well it shouldn’t be hard, the problem is that nothing went according to my plan.

Actually in your cPanel you should have a phpMyAdmin icon. This is where all your database is. What I did was that I went in there and selected the option Export.

So far so good. I then went to my new host and found phpMyAdmin as well. I went to the import function and tried to restore my database this way. The only big problem is that unfortunately my new host had some limitations on the size of the file I could upload and my database was over the size limit. Snap.

I tried compressing it and sending it to my new host, nothing worked.

I also tried WordPress own import tool, unfortunately it didn’t worked either.

That’s when I stumbled upon a great WordPress tool, the Duplicator plugin.

But more about it in part 2 of moving WordPress.



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