Moving wordpress to your new host. (part 2)

So after unsuccessfully trying to move my WordPress database to my new host, I started looking around the web for a solution to my supposedly easy problem.

That’s when I found the Duplicator plugin.

The good things about this plugin:

What other method couldn’t work on a simple problem such as restoring a database or importing one, this wonderful plugin just solved that within minutes.

It took care of importing my database by creating a new one and mapping data one to one with the original one.


Duplicator just did wonders regarding my WordPress database problem.

When trouble begins:

After getting a message stating that my WordPress blog should have been successfully moved to my new host, is when trouble begins. Upon accessing my website, I got the following message: The theme directory “example theme” does not exist

Snap. What’s wrong now.

After looking all over the internet, I couldn’t find anything.So I went back to my theme folder in WordPress and found out that my actual theme folder was actually empty!

Duplicator did create the folder but did not copy the content inside for my theme folder. Easy fix, just copy the theme folder over to the new host and voila. It worked just fine.

After fixing the theme problem, I noticed that all my pictures were missing. At first I thought that the path or a link wasn’t set properly. After further investigation I noticed that my picture folders is also empty and that it wasn’t copied over. The fix? Same as before, copy manually the pictures.

Same goes to the plugin error that I discovered later as no plugins were available.

In conclusion?

I would definitely still recommend Duplicator to move your WordPress database to a new host. I would now just recommend to copy all the other content manually to the new host as it seems at least in my case that the plugin did not take care of that. A great plugin that saved me from a major headache =)

So in the end is hosting around worth it?

For saving money yes, but it comes with some trouble so be careful!


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