Netfirms domain transfer – Control panel review (part 2)

Before I go in depth of how to transfer a domain name from one web registrar to another, I wanted to go over Netfirms control panel for domains.


Netfirms Domain Control Panel

As stated before, Netfirms control panel is very self-explanatory and simple to use. The first icon is the DomainCentral which is your main panel for your domains. The second icon is the Register Domain for registering new domains with Netfirms and the last icon is the Domain Transfer icon for transferring domains to Netfirms.


The DomainCentral icon is the one that we are going to use as it contains everything needed to manage your domain.


As you can see on the first line, you get your domain name, it’s expiration day (and how many days are lefts before it expires), whether privacy domain is enabled or not and whether you want your domain to renew automatically or not.


There is a lot of redundancy in Netfirms menus, and often you’ll get access to a same function through different ways.

For instance the Overview button will give you access to:

  • Contact: which contains all of your contact information for administrative or technical support.
  • Points to/ Pointers: points to the folder where your webpages are stored.
  • Domain Lock/ Security: contains security features such as domain lock to prevent unauthorized domain transfer when set to lock as well as privacy settings to keep your personal information private if domain privacy is enabled.
  • Expiration/ Renew: contains the options for renewing your domain with Netfirms.
  • Mail: for configuring your domain mailboxes and it’s management.
  • Nameservers: contains your webhost webservers address where it can look for your webpages.

Most of these functions are also available directly through the options next to the Overview button.


In addition to the buttons mentioned above, we also have:

  • Transfer: The settings and status of your domain regarding transfers. More on that in my next post.
  • DNS: for connecting to Dynamic name server
  • Subdomains: for setting subdomains on your domain.

Next how to transfer a domain from one web registrar to another.


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