NameSilo – domain name transfer review

Transferring Domain names in 3 easy steps

In this example, I am going to show you how to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another in 3 easy steps.

I am going to use Netfirms as the original domain registrar and NameSilo as the new domain registrar.

Step 1: Getting the Auth-Info code from your current registrar


If you are transferring your domain to another registrar before you can get the Auth-info code, please ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The domain is not currently locked. If it is, you’ll have a button on the right that you can click on to unlock the domain.
  • Domain Privacy is not enabled. That is your info is not private. You can set it at the last minute when you transfer your domain by clicking on the button on the right to disable privacy.
  • You are able to retrieve mail. This step like the previous one is really important as all communications, confirmations, registration is sent to a valid email address. Make sure it is up to date otherwise your transfer process may not complete successfully.
  • The domain has been active for more than 60 days.

Once all these conditions are met, clicking on the Send Auth-Info Code button will generate a code that you’ll have to input at your new registrar.

Step 2: Applying to your new registrar

In this case we’re going to transfer the domain to NameSilo.


You’ll have three different ways to transfer your domain(s).

  • Single domain transfer: As the name implies, for transferring one domain to NameSilo. Input the domain name followed by a comma and the authorization code you got from step 1.
  • Multiple domain transfer: For transferring multiple domain names to NameSilo (up to 500) in the same format as the single domain transfer.
  • Upload domain list: Similar to multiple domain transfer except of typing it in the small box, you can submit them in a text file.

Step 3: Submit your order and wait for the process to be done!

That’s basically it. Fill in your order pay and wait! If you want to save some money on NameSilo’s already low prices you can use the coupon code SAVEMEADOLLAR t0 save 1 (one) dollar on their already low price.


Using the coupon SAVEMEADOLLAR will adjust the price for new domain registration from 8.99$ to 7.99$ and for domain transfer from 8.39$ to 7.39$. Remember this price already includes WHOIS privacy. Most other registrar will add a 4.99$ fee just for domain privacy on top of the domain registration/ transfer fee of 9.95$, so this is quite a good deal.

Once your order has been submitted all you have to do is just wait for a few emails:

  • An email sent from NameSilo asking for confirmation of domain transfer. Just click on the provided link and the status of your transfer should become approved
  • You will then receive an email stating that the domain transfer has been approved
  • After a while you will then receive an email asking you to confirm the domain transfer away process. Just click on the link to approve the domain transfer away .
  • You will then get an email stating that the domain has been transferred. And voila! Your domain has been successfully transferred!

What I really like with NameSilo during my domain name transfer is that the whole process went very fast. I got those 4 emails within 2 hours and voila the transfer was done. Zero downtime, and NameSilo took care of the domain nameservers configuration. Note that the process may sometime take up to 5 days if your current registrar doesn’t release your domain. In that case there is nothing you can do to accelerate the process but just wait.

In conclusion I definitely recommend registering domain names with NameSilo. Most of my domain names have been transferred with them aside from the few ones I’ve registered with other domain registrar for review purposes. I love NameSilo’s honesty. Yes honesty. They say it clearly, what you see is what you get, no hidden fees or missing features. One cheap price and you have it all.

One side note thought, if you like to have one registrar that can handle domain registrations as well as web hosting than I would rather recommend Netfirms. NameSilo doesnt handles web hosting, it only deals with domain names. With Netfirms you have a company that handles both. I have been with Netfirms for over 5 years and never had a single problem with them, so I also definitely recommend them as well if you’re also looking for a web host.



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